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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Division for Xbox One Game Review

The Division

Newbie Guide and Review

   This game mixes quite a few elements I love from a few different games. I am very excited to say that they mixed these elements perfectly and that I really don't have many complaints on this game at all! For those that don't know, your patrolling around New York after an apparent virus wipes out most of the population. Your a member of a group called the division who is trying to take back the city and rebuild their Base of Operations. You assist by completing missions, encounters, random farming, and exploring the Dark Zone. Although I feel the missions went by a little too fast and am already at 93% of my base being restored, I can't deny that ranking up in the Dark Zone is a little more challenging. Here's a few tip's and tricks to get you to level 30 fast and get your DPS through the roof!

Base of Operations - 

  You earn points for 3 different catagories to rebuild your Base of operations.




   The main missions earn the most points for base rebuild, although these can get very very hard. If you highlight the mission on the map you can see what the level is. I suggest staying within your level range, no more than 2 or 3 levels higher than your current level. Make sure you have a decent team as well. If your doing a level 20 mission you don't want to be carrying a level 10 through it. If your party leader boot him. Also having high level friends play with you can hurt as well as help.

   Say your doing that same level 20 mission and you are only level 18, if I jump in at level 30 the enemies will be higher level and very hard for you to take down. You can always group up with randoms by using the games matchmaking feature, seems to work very well and groups you accordingly. 

   Well even if you fly through all the missions you'll still have a way to go to unlocking 100% on each bracket. That's what encounters are for, make sure to complete as many as you can as they only give 60 points each time. 

   It was a hard journey but I finally finished Security off and was surprised that you get another Skill Slot. Now when I hold down RB and LB at the same time I have a super skill that boosts myself and my teammates. Almost done with Medic and Tech only 1 more upgrade left on both. 

Leveling - 

  Fastest way to level is Missions and Side Missions. Early on side missions actually give a lot of exp. Also make sure to stay in one area until you've completed all the side missions in the area. Once you do return to the safe house for a reward, found this one out a little late in the game and missed out on some great blueprints. 

  Dark Zone does not level you up, there is a separate level kept for the Dark Zone but you get some great item's!

Weapons & DPS -

   DPS is definitely the most important trait you have in The Division. Personally I tend to carry around one assault rifle and one marksman rifle. I like the combo so that long or short range I can get them both. 

   Armor and gun attachments can greatly affect your DPS as well as other attributes. I tend to make sure and use mods that improve my guns DPS, where as with armor mods I use whatever increases my health. By all means I am not saying this is the best way to build a character but it is the way I built mine. Here's a screen shot of my stats.

   I did notice that some armor items can actually have higher armor rating yet lowers your DPS and Health if you equip it. Make sure to choose your armors and weapons carefully and always make sure to check out your crafting station for weapons or armor that's better than what you are using. 

Well that's my short review and newbie guide. There's a lot more to this game of course I just don't feel like typing it all or giving away the game for that matter! Gotta figure out some things for yourself that is why you bought the game isn't it? 

  I will be reviewing the Dark Zone soon, need to get some experience in there first only rank 15 so far!