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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Division Dark Zone Tips and Tricks

Dark Zone

Tip's and Tricks

Well I'm now a few day's into playing The Division and am rank 51 in the Dark Zone. I figure it's time to share what I've learned while plundering the elusive Dark Zone. The DZ consists of 6 zones, starting from the bottom of the screen each zone is more challenging than the last ending with DZ 6. In DZ 6 you will encounter level 32 elites and bosses which can one shot almost anyone. I don't suggest trying to run around DZ 5 or 6 alone or you will die. For the true newbie, dying means losing experience, items, DZ keys, and possibly your dignity. DZ 5 and 6 also offer the best rewards and highest experience that can be obtained in the DZ. I suggest starting out in DZ 1 or 2 and farming bosses and division tech. When I started out in the Dark Zone I did not realize how valuable division tech would become but save up as much as possible. Division Tech comes in 3 colors Green, Blue, and Gold. Green and Blue are great for creating much needed materials used to craft items. The Gold on the other hand is required for all that high level gear that's for sale in the DZ safe houses. Each item you craft takes 3 so you will need a lot of this. 

When starting out in the Dark Zone I'd say the most important lesson I learned is not to waste my time on blue and green items. You can only carry 9 contaminated items at a time and can only stash 30 before you have to clear out your stash. That being said only pick up purple and Gold, believe me it's all you'll need at this point. 

Now you know what to pick up and what to leave alone, let's restock and get to it. Upon entering the Dark Zone I would always set a marker for the nearest landmark. In DZ 1 the extraction on the left hand of the screen or the blockade in the middle. If you chose the extraction there is an subway entrance in the upper right hand corner of the extraction. Head down there and kill the boss, there also 2 DZ boxes down here so hope someone has a DZ key or 2. After clearing this boss and the 2 boxes you'll probably have at least 4 or 5 items in your pack. Go ahead back upstairs and extract, no reason to risk running around with it. 

Now I would highlight Blockade and work your way to the extraction Zone on the right hand side of DZ 1. The Gas Station in right next to this extraction, to the left of the gas station there is an underground entrance. There's a box in there you can hit before extracting again. This extraction is pretty popular so watch out for any rogues looking to swipe your stuff. After you've extracted your loot just rinse and repeat, it only takes about 5 minutes for bosses to respawn. Boxes take much longer to spawn, once you've grown a little I would start working your way up into DZ 2, 3, and 4. Stick to the same routine though, circle the same couple of boss locations over and over then move to another zone.

I wouldn't mess with DZ 5 and 6 until you've ranked up a bit and definitely not with less than 100k DPS. I would also make sure to have at least 45k health (this is still low but is enough.) Anything less than that and you'll be spending more time at the checkpoints than in combat. I'm currently at 199k DPS and 55k Health, I like this balance I don't go down very often and I shred through almost any enemy. 

That's just about all there is to the Dark Zone. Once you get to rank 50 you'll be able to buy everything the safe house gear vendors have to offer, make sure you stock up on Phoenix and DZ credits. You will need a crap load! Also always keep your eyes peeled for division tech, nothing worse than buying some shiny new blueprints and having no division tech!