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Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection LG Phones

Factory Reset Protection Bypass 
for LG Phones

      What is Factory Reset Protection you might ask? It is Google's way of deterring thieves from stealing your phone and using it. Although there are time's when someone sells a phone on say Craigslist and doesn't remove their Gmail account before resetting, in this situation you will need to try and bypass the Factory Reset Protection. RootJunky has figured out a way past the FRP on LG and Samsung phones. The video below shows how to do this step by step, make sure to show some support to RootJunky for all their hard work by subscribing to their YouTube channel!

      After resetting almost any LG phone you will be prompted to login to the Gmail account that was previously on the phone. You can bypass this by going to Accessibility settings and adding a button combo for triggering overview. You will then use the Talk Back settings to open a web browser, which allows you to download an APK from RootJunky that basically just opens the System Settings. Using the button combo you just setup you can access Overview / Multiwindow and install the APK. Once you are in Settings, you can add a new user and gain access to the device, then switch back to the owner account and reset without protection. The video below gives a full description of this process and shows where you can download the APK.

       Factory Reset Protection is supposed to make stolen phones useless by locking the phone to the account it was previously on. If you are trying to give your phone to someone else or selling it, make sure to remove your Gmail account in Settings before Factory Resetting the phone to avoid any issues. Here's the path to remove your Gmail account so you have no issues selling that old phone. The method above will work with most LG handsets including the G4 and V10 by LG. I tried this on the G5 and had no such luck, it seems they have blocked off the ability to open a browser through the Talk Back settings. I'm sure someone will dig up a new method soon though and I will keep you posted!

Settings->Accounts->Google->Click on your Gmail account->Remove