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Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to Factory Data Reset the LG Tribute 5

LG Tribute 5 Hard Reset

            Forgot your pattern or password? Locked out of your phone and can't get back in? Maybe your phone is stuck in a boot loop? All of these can be fixed with a simple hard reset. Make sure to remove your memory card before Factory Data Resetting any device or you will lose all your info! Also never ever forget your Gmail log ins, these are very important especially because after the reset if you don't know these you could potentially lose access to the phone forever. That's right it becomes a brick.

So without further ranting on how important those Gmail log ins are....

- Hard Reset Tribute 5 w/ Hardware Keys -

Step 1. Power off the phone by using the Power Button or pulling out the battery. Make sure when you put the battery back in you don't accidentally turn the phone back on. You need it off to do this reset.

Step 2. With the phone powered off press and hold the following keys Volume down + Power at the same time.

Step 3. Once you see Recovery Mode Loading on the screen let go of the Power Key and keep holding the Volume Down.

Step 4. Once in recovery, use the Volume Down key to highlight Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press Power to confirm.

Step 5. Use the Down Volume to highlight Yes and press Power to confirm.

Step 6. Press Power to Reboot Phone.

Done! Your phone is now set back to factory default and has been completely erased of all information. Make sure you know the logins for your Gmail account so you can regain access and recover your contacts.

I also put together this video showing exactly how to perform the Factory Data Reset. This one is a little tricky, you may want to follow the video instead. Let me know in the comments if this helped you out!