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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Factory Reset the HTC A9

How to Hard Reset the HTC A9

Forgot your pattern or password? Locked out of your phone? Follow these instructions to hard reset the phone and set it back to Factory Default. Warning! Remove your memory card and ave your Gmail logins ready. After the reset, you will be prompted to enter the Gmail info that was on the account before the wipe. This is called Factory Reset protection or FRP, it is designed to protect your phone from someone else using it if it were stolen. If you can't remember your Gmail logins I have a couple posts the could help -

If you still have access to your phones home screen and can access the settings there is an easier way!

Settings->Backup and Reset->Factory Reset->Yes

- HTC A9 Factory Data Reset Instructions -

 These are the instruction to Factory Reset the HTC A9 using the hardware keys to get into Recovery mode. Make sure you remove your memory card and have your Gmail logins handy! Always backup your data so you don't lose anything, Gmail is a great way to do this!

Step 1. Power off your HTC A9 by pressing and holding the Sleep / Power button and selecting the option Power Off when prompted.

Step 2. Press and hold the following keys at the same time Volume Down+Power together until you see a menu that looks similar to Android Recovery. 

Step 3. Use Volume Down to highlight Bootloader then press Power to confirm.

Step 4. Use Volume Down to Highlight Reboot to Recovery and press Power to confirm. 

Step 5. You are now in the Android Recovery menu. Use Volume Down to highlight Wipe Data / Factory Data Reset then press Power to confirm. Use the Volume Down key to highlight Yes then Power to confirm.

Step 6. Done, the phone has now been set back to factory defaults and you have erased all user data. Just log back into your Gmail if prompted and your done. The phone will give you the option after logging in to either remove that account or keep it on the device.

The HTC A9 is a little tricky I also made this video to show you the Hard Reset first hand! Make sure to check out my YouTube channel and hit Subscribe!