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Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to Hard Reset the LG Escape 2

LG Escape 2 
Hard Reset

Locked out of your phone and forgot the pattern or password? No need to worry, this will reset the phone back to factory default and give you access once again. Make sure to remove your memory card and never forget your Gmail logins, you will need these to regain access to your phone. Also I would always make sure your phone is backed up so that you never lose any info when you have to perform a master reset on the phone. 

- LG Escape 2 Hard Reset Instructions -

Step 1. Power off the phone by pressing and holding the Power Button and hitting Power Off. 

Step 2. Press and hold the following buttons Volume Down+Power at the same time.

Step 3. When the LG logo is displayed keep holding Volume Down but let go of Power. Then press power one more time while still holding Volume Down.

Step 4. At this point the Factory Reset menu will appear. Use Volume Down to highlight Yes and press Power to confirm.

That's it your phone is now back to Factory Default and has been erased of all information. If you do not know the logins for your Gmail account that was on the phone, follow the link below on how to bypass the Factory Reset Protection on LG phones.

Here's a video showing how to Factory Reset the LG Escape 2.


If you still have access to your home screen you can Factory Reset your phone very easily without having to use the above method! Here's the path for a simple Hard Reset on any Android phone.

Settings->Backup and Restore -> Erase Data -> Yes

Again make sure to remove your memory card and have your Gmail logins handy.