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Saturday, June 4, 2016

How to Make an Insurance Claim for Sprint

Insurance Claim Instructions

For Sprint Customers

       There are a couple ways to make an insurance claim. Claim's should only be made if your phone is lost, stolen, water damaged, or physically damaged. If the phone is in good physical condition then I would take it to a Sprint store and see if it can be exchanged through the warranty. Only the Sprint repair center's can actually do a warranty replacement. You can look to see what repair centers are near you by checking the Sprint location locator on

 Here are the 2 way's you can make a claim through Asurion (this is the insurance company for all major carriers.)
         On the Internet -
Over the Phone - 1-866-862-3397
  You will need your phone number and pin available to you when making a claim. Some accounts may be able to bill the account for their deductible, other's will have to pay this up front with a credit or debit card to receive the replacement.