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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Picture Mail Not Working Fix Metro PCS

Picture Mail Not Working Fix

Metro PCS

Had a couple people lately that can't seem to send or receive picture mail on their phone's. It took me a little while but I did find the solution to this pesky problem. No you don't have to go buy a new device this can actually be fixed on your own without any help other than this blog! This seems to be more common with the LG Optimus L70 but I'm sure this fix will work on any Metro PCS device! Well here's the solution....

Thats my Purple Android no you can't have him!

- How to Change the APN Metro PCS -

Step 1. You need to go through your messages and delete any picture mail that may still be trying to send. To delete go to the message that says sending and press and hold on the picture then select delete. Dont worry this only deletes the message not the picture!

Step 2. You need to go to your APN, to do this click on the App Drawer->Settings->Tethering and Networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names

There should be only one APN listed and it looks like this - MetroPCS

Step 3. Click the Menu button then New APN. Set up the APN as follows

Name: MetroPCS1
APN: fast.t-mobile-com
Proxy: leave blank
Port: leave blank
Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank
MMS Proxy: leave blank
MMS Port: leave blank
MCC: leave alone
MNC: leave alone
Authentication type: leave blank
APN protocol: leave alone
APN roaming protocol: leave alone

Step 4. Press the Menu button and select Save.

Step 5. Make sure to select the new APN. Then back out of the settings.

Step 6. Send a picture! Everything should work great now.

This looks way more complicated than it is. Don't worry anything that can be done wong with this can be fixed! This also happens to be how you setup the APN on an unlocked phone to activate it on Metro PCS.