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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ford SYNC General Audio Commands

General Audio Voice Commands for Vehicles Equipped with Ford SYNC

Key points about Phone voice commands

Unlike other voice commands, the Phone mode is always active, so you don’t have to first say “Phone” to switch modes. If you do say "Phone" first, the command still works. 
Contact names must be said exactly as entered in your phonebook. Giving the location, such as “Mom at home” is optional, but helps streamline the voice dialogue between you and SYNC.
There is no voice command to end a call. To conclude a call, press the Phone button or wait for the other party to disconnect.  

Here are the general audio voice commands with Ford SYNC.

Action                                                  Command

Turn Audio On/Off                                          "Audio <On/Off>"

Switch output to                                               "Audio /pause/
headphones or                                                   <"Headphones on/Headphones off">
back to speakers

Hear general audio                                            "Audio help"

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