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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ford SYNC Global Voice Commands

Global Voice Commands

       SYNC® with MyFord Touch® voice commands allow you to stay in control of almost every feature of your new Ford without taking your hands or eyes off the road. Control navigation, stereo, touch screen settings, even climate control, and more all by telling your car what to do! Here's a list of the Global Voice Commands, I will also have a link at the bottom soon for the Voice Commands for your stereo, navigation, phone, and climate. 

Key points about Phone voice commands

Unlike other voice commands, the Phone mode is always active, so you don’t have to first say “Phone” to switch modes. If you do say "Phone" first, the command still works. 
Contact names must be said exactly as entered in your phonebook. Giving the location, such as “Mom at home” is optional, but helps streamline the voice dialogue between you and SYNC.
There is no voice command to end a call. To conclude a call, press the Phone button or wait for the other party to disconnect.  

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Global voice commands

Start by pressing the voice activation button on your steering wheel shown in the picture a the top of the page.

Action                                                                Commands

Display the Home Screen                                         "Main Menu"

Display the Next Screen of Commands                    "Next Page"

Display the Previous  screen of commands              "Previous Page"

Go back one step in the voice dialogue                     "Back"

End any voice sessions in progress                            "Cancel"

See voice commands for the current step                   "What can I say?"

Hear valid commands for the current                         "Help"
step in voice dialogue

Display all commands for the                                     "<Mode> list of
requested mode: Audio, Radio,                                    commands"
Sirius, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth Audio,
Phone, Climate, Services, Travel Link,
Navigation, Browse , Voice Settings,
or Voice Instructions

Have a Vehicle Health Report sent                            "Vehicle Report"
to your SYNC Owner account

Change voice interaction level                                   "Interaction mode

Turn on/off confirmation prompts                             "Confirmation
                                                                                    prompts <on/off>"

Turn on/off the listing of                                           "<Phone/Media>                                
"candidates" when SYNC                                          candidate lists
finds several selections matching                               <on/off>"
your request                                                              

Change touchscreen display settings                         "Display settings"

Hear a brief tutorial on using voice commands         "Voice instructions"