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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

10 Most Haunting Overnight Experiences in New England

1. The Colonial Inn, Concord MA

Is Concord’s Colonial Inn haunted? Many think it is. While we can’t say for sure if ghosts inhabit the inn, many visitors do come each year seeking information about the paranormal occurrences at the property. Here’s what we can share:
In 1966, M.P. and Judith Fellenz of Highland Falls, New York, registered at Concord’s Colonial Inn and were given Room 24 on the second floor. The newlywed couple was looking forward to their stay in our quaint New England Inn. The next morning, however, the bride looked rather pale. About two weeks later, Loring Grimes, the Innkeeper at the time, received a letter from Mrs. Fellenz. It read in part:
“I have always prided myself on being a fairly sane individual but on the night of June 14 I began to have my doubts. On that night I saw a ghost in your Inn. The next morning I felt too foolish to mention it to the management, so my husband and I continued on our honeymoon. I wondered whether or not any sightings of a ghost had been reported or if any history of one was involved in the history of the Inn.
The incident sounds very melodramatic. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a presence in the room—a feeling that some unknown being was in the midst. As I opened my eyes, I saw a grayish figure at the side of my bed, to the left, about four feet away. It was not a distinct person, but a shadowy mass in the shape of a standing figure. It remained still for a moment, then slowly floated to the foot of the bed, in front of the fireplace. After pausing a few seconds, the apparition slowly melted away. It was a terrifying experience. I was so frightened I could not scream. I was frozen to the spot . . .
For the remainder of the night, I could not fall asleep. It was spent trying to conjure a logical explanation for the apparition. It was not a reflection of the moon as all the curtains were completely closed. Upon relating the incident to my husband, he said the ghost was included in the price of the room.”
Paranormal activity has been investigated in other areas of the hotel as well. In early 2005, two organizations investigated at Concord’s Colonial Inn: Ghost Images Paranormal Investigations and Spirit Encounters Research Team. More recently, Syfy’s hit show Ghost Hunters did an hour-long episode on the Inn to explore paranormal experiences.
For more information on media surrounding our inn’s recorded paranormal activity, visit the following links:
  • Ghost Hunters – Watch the TAPS team from Ghost Hunters investigate the Inn’s ghostly guests. Look for Season 6, episode 14.
  • – “Historic Inn Scares up a Ghost Story” by Sally Heaney
  • – “25 Haunted New England Inns: Concord’s Colonial Inn” by Nicole Durate
  • Gallup Poll – “One-Third of Americans Believe Dearly May Not Have Departed” (article notes our Inn’s haunted history).

2. Green Mountain Inn, Stowe VT

A spirit from the 1800’s reportedly still haunts the hotel. Everyone who has ever worked in the hotel, as well as guests who have checked in the hotel, know about the legend of Boots Berry. Boots Berry was the inn’s former horseman and he was the son of another of the inns’ former horseman and chambermaid. He was given the nickname Boots because he liked to tap dance. He was born in the hotel’s Room 302 in the servant’s quarters. He was also a horseman himself and was thrust into prominence when he saved a stagecoach full of passengers. He was called a hero and was even awarded a medal.
However, Boots was dismissed from the hotel because of his excessive drinking and he went about wandering the country for many years. He drifted back to Stowe and in 1902, he saved a child who was stuck on a rooftop during a snowstorm. However, Boots Berry slipped and fell to his death from the roof above the room where he was born. Legend has it that people who stay on the hotel can still hear Boot’s tap dancing on the hotel roof.

3. The Kennebunk Inn, Kennebunk ME

The first haunting that is said to have occurred in the inn was by a man who apparently served as a clerk for guests and accounts. This individual eventually passed from the physical life into the spiritual life and it is said that he enjoyed his job so much, that he continues to linger within the walls of the immense inn. Many have claimed that they could sense his presence, while others have actually stated that they have seen him as if he was still performing his work. Then, there are the cases where glasses for wine and other objects have suddenly moved on their own, fallen, and even seemed to have been thrown in various areas as if the man is attempting to gain the attention of the living. His name was Silas Perkins. It is said that this spirit is not happy with the renovations that have occurred in the structure. 
The next spirit that is said to haunt the Kennebunk Inn in Maine is a man by the name of Cyrus. In life, this gentleman also worked as a clerk. However, it is said that he would often help out in other areas of the haunted inn. He was a quiet man who was rumored to not have any friends, or any close relatives. He became very close to the owner of the inn, as well as other employees. As a matter of fact, most of his time was spent working and socializing at the inn because he knew when he went home; there was nothing there but silence and loneliness. Sadly, the clerk by the name of Cyrus finally passed away. However, the employees often stated that it often seemed as if he still roamed the halls and various floors of the inn, as well as the office that he worked in. Many have even stated seeing the ghostly figure of Cyrus. 
Eventually, as more additions were made to the structure, more strange and unusual events started to occur in the inn. It seemed that the spirit or spirits who lingered in the shadows of the establishment were doing all that they possibly could in order to make their unhappiness about the additions known. There was an instance in which a man who served as a waiter was carrying a tray of wine to some of the guests of the inn. As he walked, he felt the tray move slightly and stopped to ensure that he would not drop the glasses. When he did, he caught the attention of some of the guests. Slowly, a glass of wine rose off of the tray and into the air. It then moved slowly, and all of a sudden, it was violently thrown to the floor. Needless to say, several customers left immediately and the waiter was permitted to take time off in order to cope with the incident. 

4. The Beal House Inn, Littleton NH

The Beal House Inn is located in Littleton. It was built in 1833 and was bought and renovated by a new owner not long ago. The inn contains a restaurant which is the heart of the business but the inn also has rooms for overnight guests.

Over the past several years there have been several reports of ghostly activity that includes slamming doors and footsteps walking up and down the stairs at night. The new owner, Bill Sanders, kept the majority of the staff who had worked at the inn previously. 

The staff told stories of pillows that would float over the furniture. Another staff member stated that she and another waitress who were working one night were getting supplies and had gone upstairs to unlock a door in the hallway. As they pushed the door open, they noticed something shoved back with immense force. Another staff member stated that they felt a sense of anxiety in one of the hallways. But the staff is not the only people who have reported strange happenings in the inn. There have been overnight guests who have also felt uncomfortable in the same hallway as the staff member had stated. There have been quite a number of overnight guests who would complain of loud noises and voices in the room above them going on late into the evening. The problem was that the room above them was empty and not only that but the room was also locked.

The Beal House Inn has three Suites and four guest rooms. They offer a continental breakfast for their guests and the restaurant is open for supper seven days a week. The restaurant also has live entertainment on Saturday nights.

5. The Orleans Inn, Orleans MA

Ed Maas laughs when asked if his award-winning Cape Cod inn is haunted. The Orleans Inn reportedly experiences all the slamming doors, gusts of inexplicable cold air, and footsteps that other haunted inns boast, but Maas also has photographic evidence. At a Chatham High School 25th-reunion party several years ago, Maas snapped the photo at right. When he later received a copy of it along with a bewildered call from the party-goers, Maas explained that the presence gliding through the frame was just Hannah, one of the inn's three resident ghosts.

In the 1920s, the inn building housed a brothel. One of the women was murdered there, and Maas believes it is her ghost, which he named Hannah, that happily occupies the house. Maas' first acquaintance with Hannah was innocuous enough. He said he often sleeps on the couch in case a guest needs something at night. Once he awoke when a naked woman came down the stairs. He and the woman exchanged hellos, and Maas fell back asleep. He did not think of the encounter again until he received a phone call from a passing motorist, who warned Maas to put curtains into the fifth-floor belvedere window. When asked why, the man answered that he could see a naked woman dancing around in the room and she didn’t seem aware she was visible from the street.

There was no guest in the fifth floor room.

6. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall River MA

7. Captain Grants B&B, Preston CT

In 2003, CNN declared on Halloween that Captain Grant's was one of the places to stay if you'd like to encounter a ghost. Other media exposure included an appearance on A&E's Psychic Kids and If Walls Could Talk. Part of its suspected activity may be explained by the cemetery located right behind the inn, which incidentally was the first cemetery in historic Poquetanuck Village. The cemetery contains the departed members of the Whipple and Gallup family. On October 31st you can stay at the inn and get a tour of Poquetanuck Cemetery and St. James Cemetery. St. James cemetery is right across the street from the inn and is where Mercy Adelaide Avery; the inn’s most famous spirit is buried. She haunts the inn, waiting in vain for her beloved husband; Captain William Grant (who was lost at sea) to return home. Adelaide has a room named after her and has made it a habit to pull the shower curtain off it’s rod even after it is glued and nailed on. She sometimes appears at the foot of the bed holding the hands of two children and turns the television on and off. Adelaide has also been seen on the inn’s main staircase After visiting the cemetery, come back to the inn and enjoy pumpkin bread and hot spiked cider while listening to the inn’s many ghost stories. After a long night’s rest, enjoy the inn’s all you can eat breakfast then follow a tour guide out to Poquetanuck Cemetery number 17.

Stories tell that once  a teenage boy had the scare of his life when he shouted; “Is anyone here?” while standing in the cemetery. Right after a mist proceeded to come out of one of the gravestones. One of the other resident ghosts of the inn, a little girl named Deborah Adams is buried in the cemetery. She has also been seen in the Adelaide room and made a non believing employee change her mind when she walked right through her.

Other odd things occur at the inn too, things disappear, loud bangs are heard and disembodied voices whisper throughout the rooms.

8. The Deerfield Inn, Deerfield MA

Several prominent locations have been rumored to be the location of ghost sightings. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ghost tales are traded among the locals given that nearly 50 people were killed during the infamous 1704 raid on the British settlement.

In the old burial ground, a mass grave marks the spot where many of the dead were laid to rest, however some say they’re not all at rest. Some say a woman can be heard mourning in the cemetery every Feb. 29 on the anniversary of the massacre.

Another one of the victims, the minister’s wife, was killed along the Deerfield River, and her ghost is rumored to still haunt the area. A woman in colonial attire has also allegedly been spotted in the Williams house, where strange occurrences have reportedly taken place. However, the Historic Deerfield officials do not comment on ghosts.

Jane Sabo and her husband have been innkeepers at the Deerfield Inn for 22 years. The inn dates back to 1884, and she said ghostly occurrences have been reported frequently. The original owner of the inn has been heard to knock o the doors of guests and ask be let in, she said.

The ghost of a young boy has also been said to cause mischief for guests, according to Sabo. She said she personally has been a witness to a strange occurrence, as she said she once witnessed only one rocker in a long row along a porch inexplicably rocking on a still day.

9. Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods NH

The hotel's management doesn't make any secret of the ghost, and actually recount the ghost legend on their website. A clever marketing ploy? Perhaps, or maybe they're just notifying guests of what they might experience. When Tony and I were staying at the Mt. Washington in November we had dinner with some family who live in the area, and conversation turned to the hotel's ghost. One family member had attended a conference at the Mt. Washington where supplies kept strangely vanishing, and she also had a friend who had stayed in Room 314. The friend had indeed witnessed flickering lights and the shower turning itself on and off when no one was using the bathroom. Again, creepy!

10. The Crocker House Country Inn, Hancock ME