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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Best TV Sale Black Friday 2017

Best Deals on TV's Black Friday 2017

Some people upgrade their TV every year, are you one of those people. Well I have compared a handful of the Black Friday deals out there this year and am going to give you my opinion of the best TV deal of Black Friday 2017! There are many different makes and models and of course features and specs that can be very important when selecting a TV. Are you a gamer? Or a movie buff? Maybe you just binge watch on Netflix? Well here are my top choices depending on just what you plan to use your TV for. These specials are only available on Black Friday at the specified retailers. I am not affiliated with Best Buy or Walmart and have no control over inventory and cannot "hold one for you". I have no power to make this deal available on any other day but Black Friday either so please do not ask. 

Gaming TV - In my opinion if you're an avid gamer and looking for the best TV to run an Xbox One or PS4, I would stay away from the 4K ultra HD TV's altogether. These systems are not designed for the graphics or FPS (frames per second) that these TV's run at. That being said to truly optimize your gaming I would suggest no more than 1080P for quality and 60FPS. I also do not like gaming on super large screens as this seems to strain my eyes and messes with my turning sensitivity. I currently use a 50" but would prefer a 43". 

TV's for Movie Buffs - My reasoning for what to pick if you are a movie buff is a little less drawn out. Go for the best quality possible if you are a movie buff and do not game. 

Here are my top pic's for gaming TV's. 

Gaming top Pic - Vizio 43" 1080P TV - $198!!! Walmart Yes I'm sure a lot of you will argue with me on this but even though Vizio is the "discount" brand of TV offered from Walmart, they have greatly improved their quality over the years and this is an unbeatable deal!

Mix Match Pic Gaming and Movies - Samsung 40" 4K Smart TV - $328!!! Walmart. I know I said that 4K is not necessary but there are a lot of gamers that like to watch movies and I have always favored the quality of Samsung's pictures. Their 4K is unmatched and I love the capabilities of their Smart TV's. Check out Walmart this Black Friday to pick one up for this great price!

Movie Buffs - Sharp 50" 4K Ultra HD TV - $179.99 - Best Buy. This beast of a TV has one of the highest quality displays you will have ever seen with an unbelievable price this is a must grab for any movie buff looking to upgrade their TV this year. Best Buy has taken the crown with this TV!!

No matter what TV you decide to fight the lines for this year I wish you luck and have a safe and happy holidays. Again I am not saying these are the best TV's out there, just that they are amazing deals for the money!