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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Black Friday, How to beat the lines.

How to Play the Game!

Everyone does it at least once in their life, that's right I'm talking about shopping on Black Friday. Some people are scared of the chaos and hate waiting in lines, me I decided to figure out the best way to beat the lines and still get my hands on some great deals. In this article I am going to give you my insider tips and tricks to shopping on Black Friday. 

Step 1. Most major retailers will announce their Black Friday deals weeks in advance. Make sure to print these out (if possible) and begin to build a list of what items you are going for and where they are. You should also build a list of what time these stores are open. Some retailers will open up on Thanksgiving afternoon instead of Black Friday so plan to start shopping on Thanksgiving probably around 5pm or 6pm. 

Step 2. Pick an area that has all the stores that are on your list. If there happens to be a local mall that has them definitely go with the mall. I have a couple reasons for saying this. Mall generally open anywhere from midnight to 6am on Black Friday very few are open on Thanksgiving. If you go to the mall about an hour early there will be stores that are open and ready for business early and may be able to get a head start that not many people are aware of. Especially if the mall opens at 6AM, when they do this they generally tell stores that they have the option of opening early. All of this can be used to your benefit. 

Step 3. Wherever you are going show up early and park further away from exits. I know sounds funny right "why should I take the longer walk from the exit?" Well most people make multiple stops on Black Friday and if you need to get to another store the last thing you want to do is fight the traffic to get out of the parking lot/garage.... If you can get all your shopping done in one stop then this may not be for you. If you're going for that super cheap TV at Best Buy that's 25% of the normal price do not forget you are not the only one and they only stock so many of them. Show up early and get in line if this is your goal otherwise they will be all out!

Step 4. If you are looking for cell phone accessories of any kind wait till the end of the day and hit the cell phone kiosks in a mall. By the end of the day they will basically give the stuff away. They have goals to hit and you have stocking to stuff!

Step 5. Do not get angry if they are out of stock on an item. Unfortunately this happens quite a bit on Black Friday and getting angry doesn't help anyone. Besides do you think that employee may be a little more likely to help if you are nice about it. Maybe they can check another store or order the item at the same discount? Explore options and if all else fails find something else!

Step 6. Black Friday is exhausting for everyone so make sure to get a good nights sleep after getting through your shopping in one day and enjoy your holidays! The absolute best way to beat the lines is of course to sleep through it and shop the week after.