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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Apple iPhone XR Design and Features

iPhone XR Coming October 26th 2018!!!

The company is ditching its old look (and the home button) and bringing the iPhone X’s design to a lower $749 price point. Check out this hands on review of the iPhone XR coming later this month.

While both the new iPhone XS and XS Maxinclude 3D Touch, Apple has chosen not to include the feature on the iPhone XR. Yes, that phone is cheaper, and Apple had to strip out some features, but 3D Touch has been included on iPhones in that price range since it was introduced not too long ago, so this feels less like necessary cost savings and more like planned omission.

How to Pre-Order the iPhone XR


Boot up the Apple Store app on your iPhone this Friday, September 14th at 12:01AM PT / 3:01AM ET to be among the first to place your order.
If you have an iPhone X, you can get up to $525 in credit toward your purchase through Apple’s GiveBack trade-in program. Even trading in an iPhone 7 can knock $200 off of your final purchase price.


  • The 64GB model is $999, or $50 per month for 24 months with Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program
  • For an XS with 256GB of storage, the outright cost is $1,149, or $56 per month through the Upgrade Program
  • At the top of the pricing spectrum for the XS, the 512GB model costs $1,349 all at once, or $64.50 per month for 24 months


  • The 64GB model costs $100 more than the smaller XS, starting at $1,099 outright, or $54 per month through Apple’s Upgrade Program
  • A 256GB configuration costs $1,249 all at once, or $60 per month for 24 months
  • Finally, the 512GB XS Max costs a whopping $1,449 outright, or $69 per month via the Upgrade Program


If you are looking to spend a little less on the latest iPhone hardware, you’ll have to wait until after the XS and XS Max enjoy their collective moment in the spotlight. Preorders for the XR open up on October 19th, and launch day for the cheaper iPhone will be October 26th.

The price for the iPhone XR will start at $749 for the 64GB model, and it will move up to $849 to double the storage capacity to 128GB. If you want to max it out at 256GB of internal storage, the total price will be $899.

For those who are enrolled with Apple’s Upgrade Program, monthly installments for the XR go as low as $37 per month.


Preorders for T-Mobile customers begin online at 12:01AM PT / 3:01AM ET on September 14th, though reservations can also be made at retail locations. iPhone users can get up to $300 in billing credits over a 24-month period with the trade-in of their current Apple device. Like Apple, preorders for the iPhone XR open up on October 19th.


You’ll be able to preorder from U.S. Cellular starting on September 14 at 12:01AM PT / 3:01AM ET. While it won’t be offering special promotions for trade-ins, it’s still a good shot to secure the XS or XS Max before launch day.


Preorders on Verizon begin at 12:01AM PT / 3:01AM ET on September 14. Both new and existing customers are eligible for up to $700 in savings on a second iPhone if you’re opening a new line. Buy an iPhone XS or XS Max with Verizon’s device payment plan and it will offer the savings back as a billing credit over 24 months.


You’ll be able to preorder both of the new iPhones through Sam’s Club’s website starting at 12:01AM PT / 3:01AM ET, which is when the link above will become active. If you do so, and activate a 24-month plan at the time of purchase, you’ll be eligible for a $100 Sam’s Club gift card.