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Thursday, September 13, 2018

OnePlus 6 Hard Reset from Android Recovery

OnePlus 6

Locked out of your phone and can't get back in? With this method you will be able to get past that lock screen and regain access to your phone. This will erase everything from your phone, always make sure your device is properly backed up before performing a reset and make sure you know the logins for the Gmail that is currently on the phone. You will need these t get back into the phone after the reset.

Step 1. Power down the phone by pressing and holding the power button then selecting "Power Off"

Step 2. Press and hold the Menu and Power button at the same time. Once you see a menu appear you may let go. 

Step 3. Select "Wipe all Data and Cache" from the menu. 

Step 4. Confirm and you are done!

Here's a video from hack Tech park on YouTube showing how to perform this reset, make sure to check out their channel and hit subscribe!

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